28 April, 2011

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The photo at the top of the page is me standing in the middle of the Great Salt Lake in Utah staring at my shoe.

We visited the Malevich exhibition at the Tate today, it was very good, and then wandered back to London Bridge via Borough Market. It was my first excursion with my new iPhone 6 and I wanted to see what the camera could do. It turned out it could do a lot. The photos it produced, for a camera phone, are very good indeed, and it has some remarkable video capabilities. I shot a short time lapse video of the Thames using one of the new iPhone’s built in video FX. The phone itself has a super faster CPU and graphics processor and I tried out the app ‘Replay‘ that can create an edited video in seconds with just a few quick taps. On a phone!

Here are the results.

Here are some photos, to some more click here

Here is the times lapse video I made on the iPhone.

Here is the video I edited, sitting on the Tube, using the Replay app on the iPhone.

A Birthday

28 September, 2014

My old friend Jane celebrated her 70th birthday yesterday, a lot of old friends, a face or two I hadn’t seen for a very long time, and lots of kids wandering around. My photography was pretty haphazard, too busy gassing, but here are a few.

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A wedding

26 September, 2014

My daughter Rosie married Henry on Saturday. A perfect day :)

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Chris is 50 and Dad is 91

7 September, 2014

We had a small gathering, with some faces from way back when, to celebrate my brother Chris’s 50th birthday and my dad’s 91st birthday. Great evening with a lot of laughs. To see all the photos click here.

Smithfield Meat Market

16 July, 2014

Sometime soon Smithfield Meat Market will be redeveloped and renovated. I passed through the market on a long meandering walk yesterday and managed to grab a few photos of the old dilapidated, grand Victorian fabric of the place. You can see all the photos by clicking here.

UPDATE: I have just added some more photos from a second visit to the market.

Spent a delightful evening partying with some old friends in celebration of the joining of the pensions of Geraldine and Ralph :)

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Casie is thirty

5 January, 2014

My niece Casie has just turned 30 and last night she had a packed and glitzy birthday party in a pub on the Caledonian Road. A great evening for a great girl.

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On the way to the party I managed to get a nice shot of the impressive new square at the front of Kings Cross station.


5 January, 2014

Christmas has come and gone, and this year we did everything differently. Christmas Eve was at Rosie and Henry’s, Christmas Day was at Henry’s mum’s (where we got empirical proof that it is possible for another family gathering to be as loud as a Swash gathering), Boxing Day was a quiet and much reduced gathering in Hackney and the Swash family do was also small because much of the older generation were missing.

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To see all the photos from Christmas Day click here

To see all the photos from Boxing Day click here

To see all the photos from the Swash family Christmas gathering click here

A week in Wales

15 November, 2013

Isabel and I spent a week in wales on near Cardigan and in between the rain storms we managed a bit of walking.

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This is Isabel walking the cliff top coastal path as the wind drives the waves onto the rocks below.

Here are some photos of the beautiful Poppit Sands with Isabel doing an impersonation of an Antony Gormley statue.

On one walk on Poppit Sands we came across a seemingly stranded seal, the locals said she had been there a while but her mother came in each night with the tide to feed her.

On the 5th of November there was a really first rate firework display in Cardigan with a giant bonfire and some tasty hamburgers.

John Gibson is sixty

14 October, 2013

We went up to Sheffield just over a week ago to celebrate John Gibson’s 60th birthday. John had organised a coach trip to Blackpool for a group of his friends, with a loosely enforced 50s dress theme, where we played bowls, walked the piers and promenade, ate fish and chips, presented a cake to John and then tried to see the first night of the Blackpool Illuminations. I say tried to see the Illuminations because the place was heaving and the promenade road was one long traffic jam, we managed a small proportion of the complete illuminations route before we had to break off and head back to Sheffield. Everybody had a great time. The next day in the last sun and warmth of the summer we spent a very pleasant afternoon wandering around the Yorkshire Sculpture Park at Chatham before heading home. A really great weekend.

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My aunt Joyce is unwell

14 October, 2013

My aunt Joyce is unwell. Joyce has been saying ‘I’m not very well’ for decades whilst actually enjoying very good health. Now, aged 84, she really is unwell after falling over in the street and breaking her arm in a very awkward spot high up near her shoulder. Here is a photo of her recovering at home surrounded by her vast collection of ornaments.

I took these photos using the new sweep panorama function on my iPhone and some show a distorting 180 degree arc. This one shows Joyce nursing her broken arm and a cup of tea in her living room.

Her house is filled with the most amazing and simply gigantic collection of objects, ornaments, paraphernalia and junk. Here are a few shots of parts of her living room.

The last photo above shows one side of the serving hatch to the kitchen, a hatch more or less blocked and made unusable by the collection of objects that clutter it. The photo below shows the other side of the same hatch and the tiny amount of free and usuable work surface in her kitchen, every other surface is covered in piles of stuff.

This a photo of her ornate and clutter filled bedroom.

To see some more photos of Joyce click here

By comparison my 90 year old dad and his wife Peggy live in simpler surroundings in their flat.

A few from Kew

29 September, 2013

Yesterday Isabel and I spent a relaxing couple of hours strolling around Kew Gardens. The autumn colours are not out yet but they will be soon and I still managed to find some visual delights, especially amongst the ground cover plants in the Palm House.

To see all the photos from Kew click here

Hoxton and Brick Lane

September 28, 2013

I spent a pleasant afternoon recently wandering around Hoxton and Brick Lane photographing the street art and the buildings. The transformation of this area from the late 1970s, when I lived in nearby Broadway Market for a couple of years, is simply stunning. The whole place is a blend of the old and the new, […]

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